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A key best practice is an efficient process that reduces review time, lowers cost and mitigates risk. We'll put our team to work to help you achieve it...

Reduce PRC/MLR Review Time - With NuEra’s proprietary Rapid Assessment process, we can quickly identify bottlenecks and areas of improvement for a more efficient process. To ensure you see results rapidly, we can help with implementation of identified quick wins and longer term solutions.


Shorten Cycle Times - Long cycle times are often caused by poor quality agency submissions-pieces submitted with simple typographical errors, incorrect ISI or, even, the wrong logo. We have developed tools, such as our Quality Check List that will help your agency submit review-ready content the first time!


Reduce Operating Cost - With our proprietary Rapid Assessment, we can identify areas that are costing your organization money and help you address them. Causes often include poor quality agency submissions, inefficient process and overlapping roles.


Reduce Agency Cost - We can help  improve efficiency of agency spend through improved agency management by identifying opportunities, quantifying savings and recommending implementation and tracking approaches. 


Improve Promotional Review Process: Service
PRC Time
Cycle Times
REduce costs
Agency costs
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