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Founder, President


Ginny formed NuEra Health Alliance with co-founder, Lu McLeod, in 2009 after more than 20 years in pharmaceutical sales, marketing, operations and leadership-most spent as an executive and business leader. An entrepreneur at heart, she always dreamed of building her own consulting firm to drive business impact. From strategy to execution, Ginny demonstrates success in leading highly effective teams, and is well-versed in generating pivotal change initiatives within complex environments. As a leader who positively embraces change, Ginny has launched multiple products and co-led a matrix team that worked collaboratively with Brand Marketing to fully leverage promotional opportunities across evolving digital channels. Other examples of her ability to affect change include her role as a team leader in the design and build of an integrated Customer Response Center servicing the needs of various constituents and leading a strategic initiative on physician relationship marketing to deliver more targeted and efficient communications to physicians.


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