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Become a Proactive Organization: Service


Promotion Management is often in a position of reacting to work that lands on the desk. We know what that feels like and we have developed several tools to help you become a more proactive organization with better planning and resource allocation.

Improve long term planning with our customized tools - These user-friendly tools and processes allow management and stakeholders to gain a 6-12 month view of planned projects. You can soon be ahead of the curve with a good feel of what’s coming your way and what resources you'll need to handle it.

Understand department workload with capacity planning assessments - It’s difficult to know for sure how busy your team members are.  Are they at capacity? Above or below? Who can take on a new product/project? We have developed an online process that takes the guesswork out of these decisions. We’d love to talk to you about it…


Implement appropriate Size and Structure - Looking to reorganize? Losing or gaining resources? Working through a merger/acquisition? We have experience in developing the right size and structure for promotion operations teams and stakeholder groups.  Based on volume, process, capacity, headcount, etc. we can help you determine the right people in the right place doing the right things (i.e. the right size and structure). 


Develop and utilize actionable Performance Metrics - In these days of tightening budgets, it is essential that you can articulate the value of your organization to management and stakeholders. We can assist in this endeavor by helping you demonstrate your performance and efficiency, a.k.a. your value!


Improve Department Reporting with Tools and Dashboards- what better way to demonstrate value than by showing what you're doing and talking about it? We can help you develop key metrics and display them in user friendly dashboards.

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